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The Third Tenet of Cloud Approaches: Choose Wisely Between One Cloud And Open Hybrid Cloud

One Limited Cloud Earlier this week, VMware announced its One Cloud vision for “running and managing any cloud-native or traditional application, through a software-defined platform that spans private and public cloud environments.” A key aspect of this vision was the release of VMware’s Integrated OpenStack product for running cloud workloads. VMware’s vision for One Cloud […]

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The 4th Tenet of OpenStack: Open Source Projects Are Not The Same as Products

Bringing OpenStack To Enterprises Gartner analyst Alessandro Perilli recently wrote an article, Why Vendors Can’t Sell OpenStack to Enterprises.  In that article, he lists four challenges for vendors selling OpenStack and why enterprise adoption of OpenStack hasn’t taken off yet. I agree with Alessandro’s assessments of the challenge for vendors to bring OpenStack to the enterprise.  Enterprises […]

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The 5th Tenet of Open Hybrid Cloud: Start With an IaaS Private Cloud

The Cloud You Need To Build For Your Developers and Businesses IT knows that it needs to get to a cloud—and especially an open hybrid cloud—in order to become more agile and responsive to their businesses and developers. The first significant project that enterprises typically undertake is to implement an IaaS private cloud as the […]

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