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The Third Tenet of Cloud Approaches: Choose Wisely Between One Cloud And Open Hybrid Cloud

One Limited Cloud Earlier this week, VMware announced its One Cloud vision for “running and managing any cloud-native or traditional application, through a software-defined platform that spans private and public cloud environments.” A key aspect of this vision was the release of VMware’s Integrated OpenStack product for running cloud workloads. VMware’s vision for One Cloud […]

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The 4th Tenet of OpenStack: Open Source Projects Are Not The Same as Products

Bringing OpenStack To Enterprises Gartner analyst Alessandro Perilli recently wrote an article, Why Vendors Can’t Sell OpenStack to Enterprises.  In that article, he lists four challenges for vendors selling OpenStack and why enterprise adoption of OpenStack hasn’t taken off yet. I agree with Alessandro’s assessments of the challenge for vendors to bring OpenStack to the enterprise.  Enterprises […]

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The 7th Tenet of Hybrid Cloud: An Open Hybrid Cloud Requires Open Hybrid Storage

The Biggest Hybrid Cloud Challenge? A while back, I met with a customer in the media industry that was tackling the problem of how to make movies in a worldwide hybrid cloud. This company had multiple datacenters around the world and also leveraged the public cloud for spill-over capacity to render its movies and effects. […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Hybrid is About Portability

Hybrid is About Heterogenous Technologies I previously posted that the 1st Tenet of Hybrid Clouds is that Hybrid is About Heterogenous Technologies.  In other words, in a hybrid environment, you must be able to manage and work across different types of infrastructure and environments.  And, this is a critical problem for enterprises because they already […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Open Source: Bet on the Community, Not the Current State of Technology

Unix or Linux of Cloud? I recently spoke with an analyst who asked me about Marten Mickos’ comment at GigaOm Structure that “OpenStack, rather than following in Linux’ footsteps, could become ‘the Unix of cloud.’ The implication was that so many vendors weighing in could lead to a forking or fracturing of the OpenStack standard.”  […]

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The 2nd Tenet of PaaS: The P in PaaS Stands for Platform, Not Product

PaaS, PaaS Everywhere Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a hot space right now.  There seems to be a new PaaS provider popping up every minute.  Gartner projects the PaaS space will reach $1.8 billion in 2015, and their projections are conservative compared with several other analysts’. Visit the variety of PaaS offerings available, and […]

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