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The 7th Tenet of Hybrid Cloud: An Open Hybrid Cloud Requires Open Hybrid Storage

The Biggest Hybrid Cloud Challenge? A while back, I met with a customer in the media industry that was tackling the problem of how to make movies in a worldwide hybrid cloud. This company had multiple datacenters around the world and also leveraged the public cloud for spill-over capacity to render its movies and effects. […]

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The Fourth Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: A True Hybrid Cloud is an Open Hybrid Cloud

A Closed Hybrid Cloud Red Hat is at VMworld this week, where much of the buzz is expected to center on hybrid cloud. We agree that an all public cloud isn’t the answer as VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger acknowledges. This is a conversation Red Hat has been leading for some time now. However, we do […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Big Data: Run It On An Open Hybrid Cloud

Big Data Is More Than Hadoop Many people today associate big data with Hadoop analytics – and, to be sure, Hadoop is an important technology for this. However, just as the Linux operating system is so much more than just the Linux kernel, a big data environment is so much more than just a Hadoop […]

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ManageIQ Acquisition Updates

No tenet for this particular post.  But, if you’re interested in learning more about Red Hat’s recent acquisition of ManageIQ and how ManageIQ relates to Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud portfolio including CloudForms, RHEV, and OpenStack, check out: My blog post for redhat.com Our press releases on the acquisition and closing Our webcast on ManageIQ, featuring […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Hybrid is About Portability

Hybrid is About Heterogenous Technologies I previously posted that the 1st Tenet of Hybrid Clouds is that Hybrid is About Heterogenous Technologies.  In other words, in a hybrid environment, you must be able to manage and work across different types of infrastructure and environments.  And, this is a critical problem for enterprises because they already […]

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The 1st Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Hybrid is About Heterogenous Technologies

The World is Going Hybrid According to a recent Gartner survey, about half of data center managers believe they’ll be using hybrid clouds—a mix of private and public clouds—by 2015.  That’s an impressive number given how new private clouds still are across enterprises.  What, then, are important considerations for implementing a hybrid cloud? Most people […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Evaluating Cloud Products: You Have to Know What Problem You Want To Solve

A Swirl of Cloud Confusion People will often ask me, how does cloud product X compare to cloud product Y?  Often, it will be because X is a third party product and Y is a Red Hat product.  The problem with such comparisons is that in the realm of cloud, there aren’t single, well-defined product […]

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The 2nd Tenet of PaaS: The P in PaaS Stands for Platform, Not Product

PaaS, PaaS Everywhere Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a hot space right now.  There seems to be a new PaaS provider popping up every minute.  Gartner projects the PaaS space will reach $1.8 billion in 2015, and their projections are conservative compared with several other analysts’. Visit the variety of PaaS offerings available, and […]

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The 3rd Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Enterprises and Cloud Providers are Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

Offer The Same Technology Everywhere? I recently briefed an analyst on Red Hat CloudForms, a product for enterprises to build and manage hybrid clouds.  This analyst pressed me on my assertion that we were targeting enterprise customers with CloudForms: were we also planning to sell CloudForms to cloud service providers?  Many other vendors had both enterprise […]

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