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The 2nd Tenet of Evaluating Cloud Products: You Have to Know What Problem You Want To Solve

A Swirl of Cloud Confusion People will often ask me, how does cloud product X compare to cloud product Y?  Often, it will be because X is a third party product and Y is a Red Hat product.  The problem with such comparisons is that in the realm of cloud, there aren’t single, well-defined product […]

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The 3rd Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Enterprises and Cloud Providers are Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

Offer The Same Technology Everywhere? I recently briefed an analyst on Red Hat CloudForms, a product for enterprises to build and manage hybrid clouds.  This analyst pressed me on my assertion that we were targeting enterprise customers with CloudForms: were we also planning to sell CloudForms to cloud service providers?  Many other vendors had both enterprise […]

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