The 13th Tenet of Marketing: Remember The Ridiculous Power of Branding and Adjectives

The WHO announced today that diesel exhaust can cause cancer.  That may seem troubling to you.  But, don’t worry!  That’s only true of old diesel, says the Diesel Technology Forum.  Now, we have clean diesel.

Speaking of diesel, causing cancer isn’t the only concern people have about fossil fuels.  Burning them harms the environment as well, from oil drilling to global warming.  But, that’s OK because, instead you can conduct energy exploration, which only leads to climate change.

And, energy consumption itself isn’t bad at all when you use green energy.  Such as coal.

Many customers think they pay too much money to Oracle.  Well, those days are over because Oracle now has cloud platform services.  And, of course, having a cloud means that you can “speed time to market and lower costs” by buying Oracle.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a really hot area right now, so you would expect that the networking leader, Cisco, would eventually enter this space.  And, it just did this week with OnePK.  Perhaps the most amazing feature of Cisco’s software defined networking is that it runs best on Cisco’s hardware network equipment.

Customers want an open cloud like what Red Hat delivers.  Perhaps that’s why VMWare is not focused on virtualization lockin any longer but on building an open cloud strategic alliance with industry parent EMC.


I’m amazed I found an article on VMWare’s web site arguing that vendor lockin is not necessarily bad.

Was it a coincidence that VMWare announced its open cloud strategy the same day that Red Hat announced its?

I was going to make up a ridiculous scenario, like advertising poop and diapers that weren’t stinky but good smelling.  But, I did a quick search and found that not only does it exist, but you can actually buy this aroma on the Internet.

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  1. I’m a bad influence on you 🙂

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