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The 13th Tenet of Marketing: Remember The Ridiculous Power of Branding and Adjectives

The WHO announced today that diesel exhaust can cause cancer.  That may seem troubling to you.  But, don’t worry!  That’s only true of old diesel, says the Diesel Technology Forum.  Now, we have clean diesel. Speaking of diesel, causing cancer isn’t the only concern people have about fossil fuels.  Burning them harms the environment as well, […]

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The 2nd Tenet of Evaluating Cloud Products: You Have to Know What Problem You Want To Solve

A Swirl of Cloud Confusion People will often ask me, how does cloud product X compare to cloud product Y?  Often, it will be because X is a third party product and Y is a Red Hat product.  The problem with such comparisons is that in the realm of cloud, there aren’t single, well-defined product […]

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