Archive | March, 2012

The Fourth Tenet of Market Disruption: You Can’t Just Adapt Your Old Pricing Models (Or How To Fix the New York Times’ Digital Subscriptions)

The New York Times A Digital Success? Last week, the New York Times announced that it has reached 454,000 digital subscribers and was also reducing the number of free articles visitors could read from 20 to 10.  People who wanted to read more than 10 articles a month would have to buy a digital subscription […]

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The 3rd Tenet of Hybrid Clouds: Enterprises and Cloud Providers are Opposite Sides of the Same Coin

Offer The Same Technology Everywhere? I recently briefed an analyst on Red Hat CloudForms, a product for enterprises to build and manage hybrid clouds.  This analyst pressed me on my assertion that we were targeting enterprise customers with CloudForms: were we also planning to sell CloudForms to cloud service providers?  Many other vendors had both enterprise […]

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